Carbon for Maya

Also check out the latest Carbon Garment Processor video Tutorials here:


In this first video tutorial we go through the basics of checking that Carbon installed correctly.


Next we look at setting up a simple Carbon Cloth sim.


How to set up a silky cloth sim.


How to set up a stiff cloth sim.


Next we walk through the basics of simulating a garment on a character.
This video has a lot of useful information about general Carbon Cloth use and we highly recommend you watch it all the way through.
(This was created by a very experienced CFX artist, Nathan Hillier, who has used Carbon at DreamWorks Animation.)


Importing and setting up Marvelous Designer garments in Carbon

Here are some great tutorials to help you with importing and setting up Marvelous Designer garments in your Carbon based Maya workflow.

 Part 1 - Importing a dress from Marvelous Designer into Carbon Cloth for Maya.


 Part 2a - Exporting a Jacket from Marvelous Designer.



Part 2b - Setting up the garment from Marvelous Designer.


Beyond stretch and bend, other major factors influencing cloth behavior


An introduction to Carbon Rigids


Stiff Cloth Panels - welding to actor and rigid


Using a texture to select binding points 


Untangling a start mesh with ease, using Carbon's start/reference/goal mesh support.


Creating nice cloth movement with actor - welding.


Using the Carbon Button Welding Macro to easily add buttons


Carbon Rigid rings belt setup


Carbon Rigid mass box explained