Note at this time Carbon is providing some base functionality for dynamic hair, BUT it does not yet support a full range of art direction tools for hair.

Carbon provides full hair /skull and hair /hair collision. Also collision between hair and any other Carbon geometry such as cloth, with two way dynamic interaction.

With the introduction in 9.0.0 of Carbon Soft Welding painted attributes for radius, stiffness, and viscosity, this now provides artists with great styling control over individual hairs.

In the video above we can see the impact that changing the welding has on the resulting styling of the hair.

Integration with Houdini Fur Tools

Artists can utilize Houdini’s integrated hair tools to create the guide hairs.

After that, all that is needed is to convert the guides (NURB curves) to lattice geometry for the Carbon simulation and then afterwards back to curves for further hair generation.

Our examples include nodes that convert between Houdini geometry (NURB curves) and lattice geometry used by the Carbon N-Lattice node.

For more information about how to use Carbon for dynamic hair simulation check out: