Carbon Garment Processor

Carbon Garment Processor

From Garment Design to CFX pipeline in 30 mins

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Panel garment simulation AND rendering in CFX pipeline in 30 mins with Carbon Garment Processor.


Simulation and Rendering

Studios are using Garment design programs such as Marvelous Designer etc., in their workflow and want to import those panel garments into their CFX pipeline.
The Carbon Garment Processor provides a very efficient workflow to bring both simulation AND rendering from the Garment Design Package into the CFX Pipeline.
This creates an easy, fast, low cost path for creating close to final garment simulation and rendering for episodic TV content, and also for pre-viz of Hero Characters in larger productions.


Available NOW in Carbon Cloth for Maya.



Is the Carbon Garment Processor only available in Maya?

  • The initial release is in Maya, but there is support for other platforms in development.
  • If there is a particular platform you are interested in getting updates for, then please signup

Will the Carbon Garment Processor be available for Houdini?

  • Yes in Q3 2021

What is the license cost of the Carbon Garment Processor?

  • The Carbon Garment Processor is included with Carbon Cloth for Maya.
    There is no additional license cost.

Are there any limitations on a garment created with the Carbon Garment Processor ?

  • There are no limitations, all the usual Carbon art direction functionality is available.

Can I simulate garments on animated characters ?

  • Yes.

Why import a panel garment rather than a welded mesh?

  • Once you start simulating a welded mesh with any sort of structure, it rapidly loses believablility.

Can I import a welded mesh garment into Carbon?

  • Yes you can and there are a few interesting options as to what you can do once imported.
    If you wish to know more about this please email us

Why did you create your own Carbon mesh deformer?

The standard Maya and Houdini deformers are not designed for simulation > render mesh deformation.
Also we wanted a solution that was highly optimised (fast) and platform independent.

Do I have to use the Carbon mesh deformer?


Are there any Tutorials on using the Carbon Garment Processor?

Why is the Carbon Garment Processor still in beta?

  • We are still working through and optimising the workflow.

How do I get evaluation support?

How do I give feedback?

Are the evaluation licenses floating or machine locked?

  • By default, licenses are machine locked. If you are a major studio and require floating evaluation licenses then please make that request via the evaluation sign up form or email

Will the evaluation licenses work for Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 versions?

  • Yes, one license will work with all of them.

How long will the evaluation license be valid for?

  • 14 days

Are there any limitations in the evaluation version?

  • No.

What versions of Maya is the Carbon Garment Processor compatible with?

  • It is compatible with all versions of Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

What platforms is Carbon Cloth for Maya supporting?

  • Tested on Windows 10 and Linux. We expect it to work on Windows 8.1 & 7 (SP1) as well.
  • If you are interested in a version for OSX then please register your interest through the evaluation signup buttons on this page.

How much does a Carbon Cloth for Maya license cost?

How do I get in touch about something else?

  • We'd love to hear from you - email your question to

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