31st March 2022, Congratulations to Autodesk on their release of the fantastic Maya 2023.

We are excited to announce that the Carbon Cloth For Maya 2023 builds are ready as well.

Have fun making characters more believable in Maya 2023.

MayaStartupImage 200



29th October, Congratulations to SideFX on another great release with Houdini 19.
We are pleased to announce that Carbon for Houdini 19 is already available from our download site.




We are pleased to announce the availability of Carbon Cloth for Maya 2022.

Please click on the link below to request an evaluation.



April 2021 - From Garment Design to CFX simulation pipeline in 30 mins with the Carbon Garment Processor.
Over the last 12 months we have been adding new features to Carbon that build into a workflow supporting
the import of garments from design packages into the CFX simulation workflow.
Today we are officially launching that workflow - with its own web page and tutorials.
Supporting both the need for rapid deployment of believable Hero character pre-visualization and the explosion of lower budget episodic content.
The ability to rapidly bring garments from design into the CFX workflow with simulation AND rendering, is very empowering.

Check out the 10 sec video below and the dedicated Carbon Garment Processor page here.


April 2021 - Carbon Edge Collision was refined working closely with a studio and academics
to develop a next gen hair simulation that includes robust support for curly hair.
This is a work in progress, but they have kindly allowed us to share this short
teaser video below, which I think you will agree is pretty impressive in quality and performance.
To emphasise, they are only using standard Carbon features.

700 guides, 70 clumps/cloths/constraints, all guides colliding with each other, themselves and head.
0.5 FPS on 32 cores

Want to know more? - email:

April 2021 - A simple yet very Powerful new Carbon Cloth Edge Collision feature
has been added to Carbon for Houdini (SOP and DOP) and Carbon Cloth for Maya.

Check it out in this 1 min video.


April 2021 -  A simple yet very Powerful new Carbon Cloth Edge Collision feature
has been added to Carbon for Houdini (SOP and DOP) see the Edge Collision blog post above for more information.

April 2021 -  Some great new features in Carbon Cloth for Maya 2.12.2 including;
The final release candidate of the Carbon Garment Processor and
a simple yet very Powerful new Carbon Cloth Edge Collision feature.
See blog posts above for more details.